Spring Look Inspired by Sir Michael Caine

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Style Guide series on The Journal, launching with a Spring Look edit inspired by none other than Sir Michael Caine. This series aims to bring you a curated collection of currently available styles that combine timeless elegance with modern sensibility, perfectly encapsulated by Sir Michael Caine's enduring appeal.

Sir Michael, a film and style icon, has a special connection with Curry and Paxton, famously donning our Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell frames in some of his most iconic roles. His effortless elegance and distinctive style continue to inspire style enthusiasts and cinema fans alike. It's this legacy of classic sophistication that we aim to celebrate and bring to you with our Spring Looks.

Our CEO, Peter Lynes, has personally edited the featured look, referencing the original British tailors and designers behind this iconic scene in The Italian Job (1969), and drawing inspiration from Sir Michael's unique blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. 

Peter shares, "Sir Michael Caine's style is the epitome of timeless elegance. His association with Douglas Hayward , the tailor who defined mod culture in the 60s, dressing iconic British stars such as Roger Moore, Ringo Star, Steve McQueen, and many more, adds a layer of historical richness and cultural relevance to his look. It's not just about the clothes but the attitude and confidence that comes with them. We've sought to capture this essence in our Spring Looks, blending classic style with modern flair."

This series is more than just a style guide; it's a homage to those who define what it means to live unapologetically and remain relevant in every era. We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of this exciting new series, where style meets history, elegance meets attitude, and every piece tells a story.

Stay tuned to The Journal for more updates, and let us inspire you this spring with a look that transcends time, just like Sir Michael Caine's.



The Italian Job (1969) – Michael Caine Paramount/Oakhurst Productions.


Michael Caine fitting for The Italian Job, Image courtesy of Douglas Hayward.

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