"The Open Practice": A Journey Through Curry and Paxton's Heritage

We are excited to introduce "The Open Practice," our new video series that offers an unprecedented look into the heart and soul of Curry & Paxton. This series is an invitation to explore all aspects of our brand, from our rich history to the meticulous craftsmanship behind our products, and the vision that propels us forward.

In our inaugural episode, Peter Lynes, the CEO of Curry & Paxton, takes viewers on an exclusive tour of the brand's archive museum. This sacred space houses a collection of artefacts that have been meticulously gathered over the years, each telling a unique story of innovation, style, and tradition.

Peter shares, "The archive museum is not just a space filled with objects from our past; it's a testament to our journey, our achievements, and our unwavering commitment to excellence. It's where our heritage meets our future. Every piece, from the earliest designs to the iconic Yvan frames, embodies a chapter of our story. This series, starting with the archive museum, is our way of sharing these stories with you, our cherished community."

"The Open Practice" is more than just a behind-the-scenes look—it's an inspiration, a reflection on what it means to stand the test of time while continually innovating and setting new standards in the world of eyewear. Join Peter and the team as they delve into the essence of Curry & Paxton, revealing the craftsmanship, the people, and the values that make our brand what it is today.

Stay tuned to "The Journal" for this and upcoming episodes of "The Open Practice." Let us take you on a journey through the legacy of Curry & Paxton, where every detail has a story and every story is woven into the fabric of what we do.