About Us

Relaunched on its centenary year, Curry & Paxton is specialist eyewear label offering both sunglasses and spectacles for discerning, confident and style-savvy and men and women. With roots that date back to the Victorian era, the company was originally a manufacturer of ophthalmic instruments and parts that were issued to the burgeoning eyewear industry, and operated from 195 Great Portland Street, London. In the early 20th century, the business ventured into crafting handmade spectacles and quickly went nationwide as the leading opticians whilst registering innumerable patents in design.

It didn’t take long before Curry & Paxton was embraced by members of the royal family, specifically the controversial and trendsetting Duke of Windsor, and later the swinging sixties’ poster boy, Sir Michael Caine. It was also often seen in the pages of prevailing fashion magazines in the post-war period, too, all of which help underline Curry & Paxton’s fashionable

Following a period of dormancy, the company was reinvigorated with a new lease of life and through paying great respect to its heritage, innovative history and past patrons, will continue to produce perennial eyewear of excellent and long-lasting quality.

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